Pet Slates
These beautifully carved pet-themed slates feature some of our favorite furry four-legged friends (Try saying that fast four times!) Dogs, cats and horses are all featured on slates that are available in a variety of sizes. We also offer pet memorials to help remember a beloved departed friend.

(Click on any item to see it larger or to order.)

Cats Have Staff - 6"x12"

Cat & Dog - 6"x12"

Wipe Your Paws - 6"x12"

Dogs - 8"x12"

(23 breeds available)

Dog Crossing - 8"x12"

(23 breeds available)

Cat Crossing - 8"x12"

Sitting Cat - 8"x12"

Sitting Cat - 12"x12"

Horse - 12"x12"

Mare & Colt - 8"x12"

Three Horses - 8"x12"

Pet Monument - 9"x12"

Pet Monument - 9"x12"

Pet Monument - 7"x9"

Pet Monument - 7"x9"

Pet Monument - 9"x12"

Pet Monument - 10"x14"

Pet Monument - 12"x12"

We gladly accept

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