Hand Carved Bantam Rooster Mailbox

Our Bantam Rooster Mailbox is carved and sculpted by hand out of cedar to create the realistic lines and texture that brings it to life.

Construction starts with a standard U.S. Post Office approved mailbox, around which we construct a cage made out of exterior B.C. plywood. Then we cover the plywood with layers of Western Cedar. This gives the textured layered look of our Bantam Rooster Mailbox. The door and back are also covered in cedar for a finished look.

After construction, our Bantam is sent to the spray booth, to be covered inside and out with a protective layer of exterior paint. Then, he moves on to the art studio, where our artists add their own mix of realistic colors and details to bring him to life. We use only the finest exterior acrylic enamel in our painting. And as a final step, we add multiple coats of exterior polyurethane as a protective layer.

This method of layered, cedar construction and painting gives our Bantam Rooster Mailbox the strength and durability to withstand the elements for years to come.

Personalized Door ($15 extra):

Custom paint job ($15 extra):


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